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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Song!!!

Recorded a new song today! Yay!!

I was wondering how I was going to be able to record with the oxygen because it's so loud!!! Every time I breathe in, it sounds like a huge gust of wind, and amplified by a mic, it sounds like a tornado is taking over the earth!!!

So my first attempt consisted of taking off the oxygen and pretending that, while doing vocals, I just wouldn't need it. I decided not to check my 02 saturation and just make believe it was OK. I finished a few vocals and thought: "What the hell, let me just check it." It was definitely low so I put it back on :-( Steve Martin is clearly not ready to let me go just yet.

How was I going to do this! Ahhh!! Steve Martin is sooo loud!

I was a bit discouraged for about 6 minutes, when I thought: "Hmmm… what if I leave on the cannula and breathe mostly through my mouth, occasionally taking breaths through my nose. It worked!!!

I took one breath through my nose for every three I took through my mouth and I was able to get a vocal that was clean. It didn't sound like the end of the world was coming! It took longer to record, but it worked! This is the kind of thing I never thought I would be so excited about!

I look forward to sharing the new song with you soon!

Happy Day!!! :-)



  1. I've missed so many posts... I had to look around to figure out who "Steve Martin" is.

    Here's a link on how to set up Blogger's "Follow by Email" gadget. It isn't as daunting as it looks.

    Call me (Steve Kritzer) if you have any problems.

    One suggestion for improving lung capacity might be to take up blues harmonica (Lee Oscar brand).

    90% of blues harmonica is on the inhale, so you're constantly dumping air to continue to inhale. (My harmonicas are over 25 years old, the "Lee Oscars" are still pristine -- the others -- not so much.)

    1. Thanks, Steve! I figured out the first half but may give u a buzz tomorrow. I've added the icon, and had a few people subscribe as a test but it's still saying I have 0 followers. hmmm...

  2. How wonderful, Chloe!! You are such an amazing woman, and I am so inspired by your strength and determination!! Keep on doing what you love, sweetie!! Can't wait to hear it!! :)

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