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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ta da da dum...

Hi Wonderful People,

Today we had to do what I've been trying to avoid doing… Ta da da dum...

We had to schedule 3 days of testing and 3 days of visiting with doctors, therapists and social workers at Presbyterian Hospital. All of these tests are to determine whether or not I quality for a "Bob." Crazy that I have to go through psychological testing!  Even though I'm better (AMEN) my cardiologist still wants me to go through the process and be listed for a Bob.

I'm going to do my best to shift this yukky experience form being a scary one to being, in Hunter's words: "A series of metrics that can only serve us. " But damn those evil voices are loud as a mother%^&$^* today! Anything related to Bob is bothersome to me. Damn Bob!

I do have the decision to not go through with any of it, but of course that's scary too! Ahhh! Scary on the left and scary on the right. I think it makes sense to go through with all the testing (which is not nearly as bothersome to me as interacting with the doctors) and continue on my journey of healing without ever needing a Bob.

My cocktail of meds,  green juices, a healthy diet and exercise seems to be doing the trick!

I realize that  a situation is not really about the situation but about how we choose to see the situation. Someone said this a lot better than I just said this.

So, I'm going to power through and see the situation as one to be grateful for. These tests can be an opportunity for me to have a better understanding of my current health situation and as Hunter says, to have a set of metrics that we can refer to. I'm going to listen to the doctors and rather than cringe, I'm going to pretend that I'm on stage and visualize them all naked he he he he just kidding. But seriously, I'm going to let their words also be metrics and do my best not to take them to heart (literally.)

In music news, I just wrote and released a new song titled "The Meaning of Time." If you'd like to watch/listen, please click here:

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Thank you for being  part of my world!

Wishing you a great day! :-)


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  1. Wonderful performance Chloe! Delightful song - and the video was a perfect fit for the lyrics! You sounded fabulous - the same sweet and beautiful voice that captured my ear the first time, and every time I hear you! {there is no hint of the struggle and effort to breathe, while singing} Excellent job, my friend! Tom :)