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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Road Trip!

We just came back from Rhode Island (see driver below) where we were for 4 days visiting Hunter's family and celebrating life!  We decided to take a little celebratory road trip since my most recent echo shows that I'm continuing to improve. AMEN!!!

I'm not a huge shopper but I do like the mall in Providence, RI. So, on Friday, we took a little mall trip. This was my first real shopping moment with Steve Martin. It was really my first "outing" since being in the CCU.  Shopping with Steve M. was quite something.
He definitely doesn't leave my side :-)

The craziness is that I have to get everything done b4 he runs out of 02. I've got a good few hours before he needs to be changed. It all worked itself out!

We're gradually increasing my meds, and are religious about our green juices! I'm feeling better and stronger, which I'm so happy about. Music is starting to creep up and say: "Hey, what about me? Did you forget about me?" This of course is a very hopeful sign :-)

I hope you are having a wonderful day! See you at the next :-)


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