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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Whipped Spinach!!!

Today we visited a nutritionist/doctor in Flemington, New Jersey who was very inspiring and had so much knowledge!

We learned what foods to eliminate from our diet and what foods to add in order to help the immune system heal and help counteract some of the drugs I'm taking. I say "we" because Hunter has decided to follow the same food regimen that I'm on.

I really enjoyed our little road trip. Hunter packed us a lunch and we ate in the car while watching the rain fall and listening to the thunder. I'm a HUGE rain and thunder fan so the view was perfect. It was Hunter, Myself and Steve Martin- I decided my tank should be named Steve Martin- There's absolutely no reason why, it just feels like the right name for him.

We're home now and Hunter is preparing us a raw vegetable smoothy! This will be my first time :-)
We're switching between raw veggie juices and smoothies because the body apparently absorbs each one differently and both are essential to health. (The juice goes right into the blood stream whereas the smoothie preserves the fiber content and allows for slower digestion.)

 Hunter just handed me my drink and now I'm drinking it! ………………… (the dots were me drinking it) Tastes like whipped spinach! (picture below) I would drink anything to get better so whipped spinach works for me! :-)

Hope you had a great day! See you at the next!

Chloe                                                  Whipped Spinach!!!

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