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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So Damn Pretty!

We just went for a very inspiring,  surprisingly long walk along the Hudson River. So damn pretty! I had no idea how beautiful NY could be. It was the five of us (Hunter, Myself, our 2 little doggies and my Tank, for whom I'm trying to come up with a name. If you have any suggestions please leave them below. I think it's a boy :-)

The irony is that the tank is so damn heavy to carry around that you actually need the oxygen from the tank in order to carry the tank! Thank you Hunter for carrying my tank!

Last night was tricky. My mind was doing some crazy things, trying to pull me into negative zone. I get up quite a bit in the middle of the night and I find that during those those moments it is most difficult to counteract negative zone. You suddenly start to focus on symptoms rather than the goal. It's almost like your mind has been sleeping and just sort of gives in. I had to quickly break negative zone!

With help from Hunter and a wonderful walk, negative zone has left the building.

I hope you have a wonderful, meaningful day! See you at the next.


1 comment:

  1. Haha you name stuff too!

    Incidentally, Tank is a good boy name to refer to the tank :P Or maybe Trooper