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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ringing My Bell

I am so appreciative of all of your incredibly thoughtful and encouraging words! Thank you all so much!!

Today was tricky. I've gone back and forth all day from very hopelful to not so hopeful. It's crazy what the mind does and where it takes you. It feels like our entire lives are happening in our heads! If only we could tell our mind what to think on a continuous basis without letting it stray!

Yesterday's news has knocked me over the head with a bat so I've been mentally exhausted all day, which has made me physically exhausted.

My husband (whom I call Hunter) has suggested that I ring a bell every time my mind goes to a dark place. I've been ringing that damn bell all day! I look like a very strange person in the street now! I carry around an oxygen tank (which my friend CarmenLeah helped me design) and now a bell that I ring randomly when my thoughts go to a not happy place. It's a bit of a funny sight.

Ringing the bell has actually been sort of helpful. Though temporarily, it does kind of break my thought process.

My parents came over for a visit. We shared laughter, tears, and a bucket of cherries. Thank God for my parents! There could be no two more loving, supportive, caring and understanding parents.  And thank God for Hunter, who in addition to caring for me in every way possible, has become my mental bodyguard. He is helping me shield my mind from all the voices that come in to disrupt my hope.

I walk around with Pandora playing on my iPhone all day. One of the most beautiful songs came on today by an artist I recently discovered. Her name is Hiromi and the song is titled "Green Tea Farm." So inspiring!  That was definitely a happy moment during which I did not have to ring my bell!!! :-)

My mission today has been and continues to be to keep my mind in a hopeful, inspired and peaceful place.

I'm about to go on my second walk of the day and I'm going to do my best to appreciate every moment of it! Maybe I'll even leave my bell at home for this one :-)

Thank you for reading this and for following me on this journey! See you at the next.

                                                     Introducing my Tank and my Bell!

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